Ubud Performance

An extraordinary ubud performance

Dewi Sri – The Quest for Balance

Surrounded by the verdant rice fields at the Desa Visesa Ubud, each daily performance of “Dewi Sri – the Quest for Balance” revolves around the fabled Goddess of Fertility in the central role. Dewi Sri’s pervasive dominion over Balinese culture is considered essential to the prevention of famine, poverty, and disease. Dewi Sri’s reign over the rice terraces of Bali ensures security, balance, and prosperity to the agriculturally based Balinese society.

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Siwa Nataraja – Bali Unmasked

In Bali – painting, sculpture, dance, crafting ritual offerings and musical performance – demand that the core essence of each work is first offered to the Almighty. Artists and artisans reverently rejoice in the simple pursuit of perfection as in actions as mundane as preparing a simple floral offering or as sublime as the total surrender to a mystical trance dance.

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Kecak Dance

Kecak is one of signature dances in Bali, and it is not accompanied by Gamelan (traditional music instrument) like other dances but it comes with male chorus or ‘Gamelan Suara.’ Kecak is usually told about Ramayana, an ancient Hindu story about Rama.

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