Siwa Nataraja – Bali Unmasked

In Bali – painting, sculpture, dance, crafting ritual offerings and musical performance – demand that the core essence of each work is first offered to the Almighty. Artists and artisans reverently rejoice in the simple pursuit of perfection as in actions as mundane as preparing a simple floral offering or as sublime as the total surrender to a mystical trance dance.

Siwa – Life Lived as Art is a daily stage performance at the Puri Kantor – Ubud’s Royal Palace depicting a traditional Balinese banjar where, one-by-one, talented artisans are seen busily creating traditional flutes, masks, exquisite ritual offerings, paintings, and traditional puppets – all presented against an ever-changing scene of exquisite Balinese dance and life-like characters fashioned by the world-renowned puppetry team of Made Sidia and Peter Wilson

In a pioneering approach to contemporary theatre, elements of fine art and ritual communicate combine to communicate the extensive and intensive role artistic refinement plays in the daily life of the Balinese.

Each remarkable performance ends with the audience and artists gathering together on stage, reflecting the age-old generosity of the Balinese who eagerly share their rich culture with Island visitors.

Performed on Sunday at 07:00 pm. The show will end at 8 pm. For Booking tickets, Click here