Kecak Dance – Fire & Trance

Kecak is one of signature dances in Bali, and it is not accompanied by Gamelan (traditional music instrument) like other dances but it comes with male chorus or ‘Gamelan Suara.’ Kecak is usually told about Ramayana, an ancient Hindu story about Rama; the heir of Ayodya Kingdom and his wife Sita have been banished by his father. The story begins with their journey to the forest along with Laksamana (Rama’s brother). They have been watched by Rahwana, an evil king of Alengka who fall in love with Sita. Rahwana sends his prime minister to kidnap Sita with his magic power that turns himself into a golden deer and attracted Sita attention. She asks Rama to catch the deer then without notice she has become Rahwana’s target and bring her to his kingdom.

Rahwana attempts to seduce Sita, but she is only looking for Rama, in the meantime Hanoman; the white monkey who is a good friend of Rama is sent to rescue her. They finally meet, and Sita gives her hairpin to Hanoman as a symbol that she is still alive and gives it to Rama. After that Rama and Laksamana strolling around forest to rescue Sita, but suddenly Rahwana’s son Meganada appear and engages them in a battle. They were struggling against Meganada but thankfully Garuda, the king all the birds and a good friend of Rama flies down to rescue them. The story ends with a massive battle between Rahwana and Rama that got help from the king of monkeys named Sugriwa, after a long fight Rama beat them all and bring back his wife.

Trance Dance

The Sanghyang is a God-inspired trance dance, it is aim to protect society from all evil spirit. It can be presented in many forms but here, it will turn into Sanghyang Djaran. In Balinese or Javanese Djaran means horse, it is associated with the trance and also seen in the Kuda Kepang, West Java. The dancer of this horse-dance is brought into a trance by the repetitive sounds of the Gamela Suara and at this point walks into a fire that made from coconut husks and following the rhythm of the Gamelan.

Located at Jalan Suweta Pura Puseh Ubud, Desa Adat Sambahan Ubud. Performed on Sunday & Thursday at 7:30 pm.. For Booking tickets, Click here