Dewi Sri – The Quest for Balance

Surrounded by the verdant rice fields at the Desa Visesa Ubud, each daily performance of “Dewi Sri – the Quest for Balance” revolves around the fabled Goddess of Fertility in the central role. Dewi Sri’s pervasive dominion over Balinese culture is considered essential to the prevention of famine, poverty, and disease. Dewi Sri’s reign over the rice terraces of Bali ensures security, balance, and prosperity to the agriculturally based Balinese society.

The cultivation of rice and the Balinese creed of Tri Hita Karana – the strict maintenance of balance in all things – are pastorally presented on a stage that is surrounded by working rice fields. Using dances and tales presented by the Island’s most accomplished performers, viewers will acquire an appreciation of the all-pervasive role played by a philosophy that mandates cosmic balance be rigorously maintained between man and nature, between man and God, and between members of the human community. Through dance, music, and dazzling puppetry the inner workings are revealed of the Subak – the ancient institutions governing precious water distribution and the Banjar – the village-based participatory system of local government.

Over 40 artists that will leave the audience with a lasting appreciation of traditional Balinese culture performed during an entertaining hour-long, fast-moving extravaganza of Balinese traditional dance and music.

Performed on Tuesday, Thursday at 5:00 pm. The show will end at 6 pm. For Booking tickets, Click here