Cast and Crew

The two productions presented by Balinese Living Arts are the creative brainchildren of the Balinese-Australian artistic duo whose past accomplishments include Bali’s longest-running Bali Agung Show. Dewi Sri: The Guest for Balance and SIta Nataraja: Bali Unmasked were created by Peter Wilson and Made Sidia. Peter Wilson’s fascination with Balinese culture and his long time collaboration with one of Bali’s most acclaimed puppet artists, I Made Sidia combines two talented stage directors and world-renowned puppet masters in two productions destined to become treasured parts of Bali’s already rich repertoire of dance-dramas.

Peter Wilson

Wilson’s career spans more than 35 years in the entertainment industry where he has been responsible for successfully staging major shows in Australia, Europe, Asia and the United States of America. In his latest production commissioned by Balinese Living Arts, Peter has gathered together artistic colleagues who shared his desire to create a revolutionary new approach to promenade or standing-interactive theatre.

Beginning his professional career in 1975, Wilson has lent his considerable talents to an entire range of stage productions ranging from puppets, musical comedy to grand opera. A Melbourne and Bali- based artist, a career spanning more than four decades has allowed Wilson to with leading puppeteers in Australian and around the world. A co-founder of Handspan Theatre in 1977 he spent the next 18 years working on productions that include Secrets, Four Little Girls, Cho Cho San, The Reading Boy and Smalls. Later, Wilson’s association with Nigel Triffitt offered an opportunity to work on the productions of Mommas Little Horror Show, The Fall of Singapore and Moby Dick.

I Made Sidia

I Made Sidia is a leading Balinese wayang puppeteer and one of Bali’s most acclaimed shadow artists. He was trained as a classical Wayang Dalang, and is an accomplished Topeng (mask) dancer, choreographer, dance and music teacher, and gamelan musician. Graduating in 1992 with a degree in Balinese Theatre (Pedalangan) from the Indonesian Academy of Fine Arts (STSI) in Denpasar where he majored in Performance and Script. In 2010, he was awarded an Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA) from ISI Solo/ Surakarta Program in Theatre.

Made Sidia is currently the foremost exponent of contemporary Wayang Kulit (shadow puppetry) in Bali as well as Wayang Kontemporer which adds electric lighting, music, video projections, and mobile puppeteers. Made is a senior lecturer at ISI in Bali. Moreover, he is also the Principal of Sanggar Paripurna, a performing arts school in Bona, Gianyar, Bali where he trains artists from his native village.

A sought-after teacher and performer, Sidia leads workshops around the globe in traditional Balinese art forms, including shadow puppetry, mask performance and dance. Made has been acknowledged internationally for his contribution to Balinese culture and his passionate advocacy for merging traditional and contemporary arts practices. Recent international collaborations include with Larry Reid of Shadowlight Theatre (USA), and the internationally-acclaimed production of The Theft of Sita with Peter Wilson and Nigel Jamieson (Australia/UK) and Visible Region with Kent Devereux (USA).

Paripurna Art Studio

Paripurna Art Studio (Sanggar Paripurna) was established on April 1, 1990 by a group of multi-talented artist living in Bona Village, Blahbatuh, Bali. Sanggar Paripurna is intended to serve as a center for the preservation, development and creation of new forms of Balinese cultural arts. Acting as the Studio’s principal, I Made Sidja foster among the Sanggar’s members skills in artistic endeavor that includes international puppetry, Balinese wayang, percussion, dance, performance, carving, the creation of religious offerings and sacred dance. Today, the Paripurna Art Studio fulfills a vital role in the local community by developing the artistic skills of school-aged children and dropouts.

Sanggar Paripurna is the living legacy of the Sidia family with Made Sidia’s fourth son, I Made Sidia SSP M. Sn, and his younger brother, I Wayan Sira S. Sn, in charge of the day-to-day operations of the Studio now attended by 400 members. An important center of contemporary artistic expression in Bali, the Studio constantly seeks new forms of artistic expression while remaining committed to Bali’s ancient culture.

The results of Sidia’s work with Sanggar Paripurna have been featured in various important events, locally, nationally and internationally. The Studio showcased the presentation of Bali’s famous Kecak Dance at the Internationale Tourismus-Börse (ITB) Berlin 2013 event.