Balinese Living Arts

Proudly Presents

Two Outstanding Theatrical Productions

Dedicated to celebrating the beliefs, rituals and spiritualism that imbues daily life in villages in Bali, Desa Visesa Ubud presents two new, world-caliber theatrical experiences presented in two separate locations: The Puri Kantor Palace in Central Ubud and the other, a short distance away, on Jalan Suweta at theDesa Visesa Ubud Resort.

Presented by Balinese Living Arts, the productions have been made possible by the culturally committed Desa Visesa Ubud and created by two living legends in the use of puppetry and traditional dance to convey a deeper appreciation of Balinese culture. Peter Wilson, a renowned Australian theatrical director, has joined effort with Made Sidia, a leading director and Balinese puppet master, who together have fashioned a highly innovative new participatory form of theatrical performance that eliminates barriers of distance between the performers and audience.

In this pioneering approach to contemporary theatre, elements of fine art and ritual communicate combine to communicate the extensive and intensive role artistic refinement plays in the daily life of the Balinese. Each remarkable performance ends with the audience and artists gathering together on stage, reflecting the age-old generosity of the Balinese who eagerly share their rich culture with Island visitors.

Either of both shows are the new "must see" part of any Bali holiday guaranteed to leave audiences with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Bali's ancient culture.

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